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As a Geologist by trade, GIS has always been present in my world in many subtle ways.  Visualizing the Earth's subsurface and interpreting big data sets are common daily tasks for resource Geologists, tasks that defined my ideal Career.  Now that I have taken the leap to study GIS full time, I marvel at the vast array of applications for geospatial data, analysis, and interpretation in just about any business and cause.  Here's to unlimited exploring!


Modeling Wildfire

Damage Potential

Using Multi-spectral Image analysis to predict risk of wildfire ignition and propagation

Extracting Wildfire Scars from Satellite Imagery

ENVI MS imagery processing and normalized burn ratio analysis


Calgary Growth Rates

Visualizing Calgary Growth Rates in the year 2019 in ArcMap

Least-Cost Raster Analysis

Optimizing pipeline placement by combining multible geographical factors in Raster Analysis, a geoprocessing workflow done in ArcMap Model Builder.



Emily Gillis

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